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Meaning of Low-Carbon Green growth’s basic law

Korea will declare the Low Carbon Green Growth Basic Law as a Global Green Growth Action Act and contribute to the real green economic growth by developing a green action campaign for the people of each country.

Korea Green Products will be selected as a green practice product by the Global Green Growth Action Organization to realize green logistics by country and develop into a global movement to create jobs for green growth.

Through green education, we will cultivate green spirit and develop green culture so that only green growth practice will revive global environment and revitalize national economy.

From the Republic of Korea, start the green growth practice and spread to the whole world to revitalize the global green economy.

Definition of Low Carbon Green Growth Basic Law

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this law is to promote the development of the national economy by establishing the foundation for low-carbon green growth for the harmonious development of the economy and environment, utilizing green technology and the green industry as new growth engines Through the implementation of a low-carbon society, the goal is to contribute to raising replica watches swiss the quality of life of the people and making it a mature advanced country that fulfills its responsibilities in the international community.

Article 2 (Definitions)

  • 1. Low carbon
  • 2. Green growth
  • 3. Green technology
  • 4. Green industry
  • 5. Green products
  • 6. Green life
  • 7. Green Management
  • 8. Sustainable Development
  • 9. Greenhouse Gas
  • 10. Greenhouse gas emissions
  • 11. Global warming
  • 12. Climate change
  • 13. Resource circulation
  • 14. Renewable energy
  • 15. Energy self-reliance

Article 3 Basic Principles of Low Carbon Green Growth Promotion

Article 4 State responsibility

Article 5 Duties of Local Governments

Article 6 Operator's Liability

Article 7 Responsibilities of the people

Article 8 Priority with other laws

Article 9 Low-carbon green growth national strategy

Article 22 Basic Principles for Green Economy and Green Industry Implementation

Article 23 Support for the development of green economy and green industry

Article 24 Promotion of resource circulation

Article 25 Promotion of green management of enterprises

Article 26 Facilitation of R & D and commercialization of green technology

Article 27 Utilization of information and communication technology

Article 28 Support and activation of finance

Article 29 Establishment and Support of Green Industry Investment Company

Article 31 Support for green technology, green industry, exception

Article 32 Standardization and Certification of Green Technology, Green Industry

Article 33 Support of SMEs

Article 34 Green technology, green industry cluster and complex adjustment

Article 35 Job creation for green technology and green industry

Article 36 Advanced Regulation

Article 37 International Standard Countermeasures

Article 38 Basic Principles of Response to Climate Change

Article 39 Basic Principles of Energy Policy

Article 40 Basic plan for response to climate change

Article 41 Establishment of Basic Energy Plan

Article 42 Response to climate change and energy target management

Article 43 Promotion of early action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Article 44 Establishment of comprehensive greenhouse gas information management system

Article 46 Introduction of a cap-and-trade system

Article 47 GHG management of the Transport Department

Article 3 기후변화 영향평가 및 적응대책의 추진

Article 3 녹색생활 및 지속가능발전의 기본원칙

Article 3 녹색국토의 관리

Article 3 기후변화 대응을 위한 물 관리

Article 3 저탄소 교통체계의 구축

Article 3 녹색건축물의 확대

Article 3 친환경 농림수산의 촉진 및 탄소흡수원 확충

Article 3 생태관광의 촉진

Article 3 녹색성장을 위한 생산,소비문화의 확산

Article 3 녹색생활 운동의 촉진

Article 3 녹색생활 실천의 교육, 홍보

Article 3 국제협력의 증진