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Great new: new replica rolex Deepsea with blue watch dial

We guessed what the new Rolex models for this year would be and we were pretty accurate before Baselworld. By now we know that Rolex introduced a pepsi GMT-Master II, the new Sea-Dweller 4000 and a blue dial Milgauss.

The blue side of a watch that, judging on the case thickness and crown guard shape, looks like a Deepsea that is blue. Would this be a new model to be introduced in August? Historically replica Rolex has always introduced its new models at the Baselworld watch fair. Some of the moving parts of a watch, fake watches such as the balance wheel and spiral, are sensitive to electromagnetic fields that can affect the amplitude of their run and so change the frequency of the movement. Rolex has just updated their website with a new photo that announced something to be revealed on Monday 4 August and it's gonna be BLUE.

It just looks like a blue case Deepsea. The thick case, the profile of the crown guard, and it's blue, with a little drop on it. Nevertheless, today we actually see something that does give some clues. There is another choice, which is that it has something to do with James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge 3D movie that will officially released on August 8th according to the IMDB. Nevertheless take another look at this picture from the cheap replica rolex website…

While many Rolex aficionados want a black version of their favorite Rolex, Rolex has never supplied anything like that. Logically perhaps, because both the PVD and the DLC treatments are told to be scratch proof, however as a matter of fact are not. Nowadays, there are several companies who do some modifications on Rolex watches. Think Bamford, Black Out Concept and Project X Designs. There is no doubt that they are quite resistant to scratches, replica watches but when it gets scratched, it's rather not easy and costly to fix it.

We are not sure. Of course, we don't know and we can only guess what Rolex is going to do this Monday. It could be a blue Deepsea as well as it could be the launch of James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge 3D movie (although IMDB states it'll be launched on the 8th) or maybe it is somehow connected to the first day in office for fake rolex' new CEO, mister Jean-Frederic Dufour. In two days we'll know.

Maybe, just maybe, Rolex has found another way to add colors to their cases. A new method that is even more resistant to scratches or maybe even colors the metal through and through? Rolex never impulsively jumps on a bandwagon. They always seem to take their time until they are convinced it's good enough. Maybe they launch the new technique coming Monday, with a blue Deepsea?